[Added] House of Slaughter #1

House of Slaughter #1
Artgerm Collectibles 2024 Megacon Exclusive Foil Cover
Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

This has been added. Thanks!

Can you show me a picture of the back please?

How about that? It has a UPC after all.
UPC: 84428401069601061

I looked at the back of the AGC Rebel Moon exclusive and it had an AGC back cover as I expected. So I never bothered to check the back of this one. Anyway, here’s the pic!

(I’ll add the back cover pic to that Rebel Moon post I made, while I’m at it.)

Ah, that is the Pen & Ink series. That one is already in Core.

Didn’t realize the Pen & Ink was listed under a different title… nor did I realize it was called Pen & Ink… nor did I realize there was a UPC when I submitted it! (I try to confirm all of that stuff before I submit to you guys, I promise!) 😬