[Added] House of X #5 J. Scott Campbell

Howdy team,

Can I get a variant added for ‘House of X’ #5. There should be another J. Scott Campbell variant:

J. Scott Campbell Variant - NYCC Exclusive - Glow in the Dark Edition (Ltd. to 2,500)
Front Cover:

CA: J. Scott Campbell
Cover Colorist: Ula Mos

This should also be linked to CovrPrice: https://covrprice.com/issue/house-of-x-5-campbell-nycc-2019/

NOTE: The current variant you have from JSC (#5I), is the Artist Proof edition (limited to 300 copies, and is also glow in the dark. Can you remove the link to CP on this one, as it’s incorrect and not currently listed with them.

Thank you!


Added, and should be corrected now. Thank you for reporting.

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Thank you Rowdy!