[Added] Incredible Norse Myths & Legends 1

Comic: Incredible Norse Myths & Legends
issue: 1
Barcode: 9781838538859
Format: Treasury
variant: A & B
variant description: Kickstarter
title: The Birth of Social Classes
publisher: Independent Publishing Group

Cover date: October 2020
Release date: October 2020
Current Age | Color | United Kingdom | English
Pages: 36

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Historic
Writer: Marek Mandzinski, Anna Mazurkiewicz
Pencils: Girish Malap
Colors: Amit Ghadge
Cover Artist: Marek Mandzinski
Editor: Marek Mandzinski, Dawid Wierzbicki


There probably isn’t a single man in the world who hasn’t heard at least one legend about the brave Viking gods. Odin, Thor, Loki or Freya. The legend of the lords of the lands and seas. Conquerors so dangerous and fearless, so terrifying and savage, that they are ferociously fascinating, tempting to explore, to get to know and to experience their unique world. The comic book series INCREDIBLE NORSE MYTHS AND LEGENDS is a collection of myths arranged in chronological order, full of magic, joy, exciting adventures, but also cruelty and violence. These are the stories of the Scandinavian people written in an interesting and funny way, they’re intricately supplemented with amazing drawings and most importantly they’re - UNCENSORED! "By describing the stories of the Norse Gods with the help of illustrations and the raw dialogue in them, I tried to, as faithfully as possible, reflect the soul of the Icelandic poet and historian Snorri Sturluson’s work (he lived in the years 1179–1241). This work titled Edda was created in the years 1215 - 1223.

Odin, the Allfather, the god of all gods, observing all nine realms from his sky throne is aware of the Giants growing power and of the approaching war with them. He sees the world of men, good, hard-working and persistent beings, but too weak to face the giants. That’s why he decides to send his son, the bright god Heimdall, so that, in human form, he can traverse Midgard (Middle-earth, the realm of people) and render people capable of facing the greatest enemy. Heimdall travels to Middle-earth and visits people’s dwellings. He stays with the poor, the average and the wealthy, and his fecund visits spark the creation of stratums of society. It’s not long til earth is populated by slaves, peasants and free people - craftsmen and chiefs. Each of them was born according to Odin’s intention, Capable of becoming Midgard’s campions, ready to stand alongside gods on the day of Ragnarok….

variant A front cover

back cover

variant B front cover “collector’s edition” cover
Incredible Norse Myths & Legends 1 FC collector

PS the size is actually Euro A4
8 1/4 inches X 11 3/4 inches

I’m called them Treasury Edition, because they are larger than USA magazines.

You decide size format.

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