[Added] Incredible Norse Myths & Legends 2

Comic: Incredible Norse Myths & Legends
issue: 2
Barcode: 9781800497054
Format: Treasury
variant: A (only)
variant description: Kickstarter
title: Odin’s Source of Wisdom: Mead of Poetry
publisher: Independent Publishing Group

Cover date: May 2021
Release date: May 2021
Current Age | Color | United Kingdom | English
Pages: 36

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Historic
Writer: Marek Mandzinski, Patrycja Strzeszkowska
Pencils: Girish Malap
Colors: Amit Ghadge
Cover Artist: Marek Mandzinski
Editor: Marek Mandzinski, Dawid Wierzbicki


Everyone who is at least a little familiar with Norse Mythology must have heard something about Odin who seems to be the most prominent among the gods of the northern pantheon. He was associated with magic and death, with shamanic trance and battle fury. It is said that he is the wisest of the gods and that he has possessed all the knowledge that is attainable to the living creatures. However, unlike any seeress or giantess – or maybe a female figure in mythology in general – those are not his inherent attributes but tools rather that he has to acquire using trick and lies. In contrary to the late medieval beliefs, Odin of the early pagan myths (as indicated in some recent research) seems to be a trickster figure rather than a dignified monarch.

Presenting the myth in which Odin embarks on a journey full of adventures and romantic conquests and tries to win - for himself and mankind - the gift of poetry.

A front cover

A back cover

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