[Added] Incredible Norse Myths & Legends 7

Comic: Incredible Norse Myths & Legends
issue: 7
Barcode: none
Format: Treasury
variant: A and B
variant description: Kickstarter
title: Dwarf Competition
publisher: Independent Publishing Group

Cover date: August 11, 2023
Release date: August 11, 2023
Current Age | Color | United Kingdom | English
Pages: 44

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Historic
Writer: Marek Mandzinski, Renata Lesniakiewicz-Drzymala
Pencils: Christian Abel Pena
Colors: Lucas de Oliveira
Cover Artist: Marek Mandzinski
Editor: Marek Mandzinski, Dawid Wierzbicki


The ancient Scandinavians believed in the existence of many supernatural beings inhabiting different worlds. An important place among these beings was occupied by dwarves, exceptionally talented craftsmen, whose real pride was blacksmithing and goldsmithing. It was to their mastery that the Norse gods owed such magical items as Odin’s never-missing spear, Thor’s hammer that returned after every throw, or Frey’s ship that could be folded to very small size.

In the seventh part of “Incredible Norse Myths and Legends”, we present the myth of a competition between two groups of dwarves that will bring a lot of benefits to the Æsir, but will also put Loki’s head in real danger.

A front cover

A back cover

B “collectors edition” front cover

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