[Added] Incredible Norse Myths & Legends 8

Comic: Incredible Norse Myths & Legends
issue: 8
Barcode: 9798889405559
Format: Treasury
variant: A and B
variant description: Kickstarter
title: The Children of Loki
publisher: Independent Publishing Group

Cover date: January 30, 2024
Release date: January 30, 2024
Current Age | Color | United Kingdom | English
Pages: 50

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Historic
Writer: Marek Mandzinski, Renata Lesniakiewicz-Drzymala
Pencils: Christian Abel Pena
Colors: Lucas de Oliveira
Cover Artist: Marek Mandzinski
Editor: Marek Mandzinski, Dawid Wierzbicki


In Norse mythology, one thing is certain: a goddesses not allowed to make pair with a giant. The situation is different with gods, who often establish intimate relationships with giantesses. Children from such unions join the ranks of the Æsir (like Thor or Bragi) and are their pride, with one exception. When Loki takes the jjotun Angrboda to his bed, their offspring proves to be so monstrous that it terrifies all the gods. We will meet Fenrir, the wolf; Jormungand, the serpent and daughter Hel who will be the ruler of realm of the Dead.

In the 8th part of the “Incredible Norse Myths and Legends”, there come Loki’s children and with them the inevitable destiny of the AEsir and the nine worlds that even the All-Father himself will not be able to prevent.

A front cover’

A back cover

B “collectors edition” front cover
Incredible Norse Myths & Legends 8 FC collector

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