[Added] Lady Death missing from Core

Lady Death #1
“Hearts” 30th Anniversary Edition
Steven Hughes(CA)

Lady Death #1
30th Anniversary Quotes Edition- Ltd 30
Steven Hughes(CA)

Lady Death #1
30th Anniversary Violet Metallic Edition-Ltd 30
Steven Hughes(CA)

Lady Death #1
30th Anniversary Chrome Edition-Ltd 200
Steven Hughes(CA)

Coffin Comics 2024 Preview
Swornfest Holo-Foil Edition-Ltd 30
Diego Bernard(CA)

Lady Death: Mischief Night #1
Ivan Reis Holo-Foil Edition-Ltd 30
Ivan Reis(CA)

Lady Death: Retribution #1
David Michael Beck Holo-Foil Edition-Ltd 30
David Michael Beck(CA)

Lady Death: Fantasies #1
Bar Sinister Holo-Foil Edition- Ltd 35
Richard Ortiz(CA)

Lady Death: Heartbreaker #1
Lady Cupid Edition- Ltd 150
Mike DeBalfo(CA)

Lady Death: Swimsuit #1
Birthday Suit Metallic Edition- Ltd 40
Mike Krome(CA)

@ComicDevil13 added, thank you for reporting.

To which series in Core does the Birthday Suit Edition belong?

This is Lady Death: Swimsuit #1 as stated.

I noticed that, however there are quite a few series listed in Core that begin with ‘Lady Death: Swimsuit’, followed by the year of release.

What does your copy say on the inside? Can you let me know the year of release maybe? Thank you in advance.

Sorry. It’s Swimsuit 2023

Did this get added to the core yet?