[Added] Lili the Demoness #6B - Turner Homage Variant (Codex Entertainment)

Story Arc: Black Miracles

Full Title: Part 1

Release: Apr 14, 2023

Cover: 2023

Publisher: Codex Entertainment


Modern Age | USA | English

Comic | 24 pages

Genre: Fantasy

A persistent Detective Erin Mallory won’t stop asking questions about the deaths by mysterious circumstances in the city of Grimsmont. As a result her life is begins turned upside down by the C.A.U.P (Center for Abnormal & Unearthly Phenomenon) to try to get her to follow order and just butt-out.

Meanwhile Yuki-Onna Ozaki makes a special visit to Mayor Damon Mann and his assistant Abigail after his press conference. She expresses her disappointment with his progress and her plan becomes even more clear.

Later, Lili has it out with a couple of annoying street thugs who just don’t know how to accept the word “No” from a lady.


Credit Name
Writer Luis Torres
Artist Brian Brinlee
Cover Artist Courtney Rose Dameron
Cover Colorist Ceci de la Cruz
Colorist Ylenia di Napoli
Letterer Josh Southall
Editor Liana Gutierrez

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