[Added] Lili the Demoness #7A - Standard Cover (Codex Entertainment)

Story Arc: Black Miracles

Full Title: Part 2

Release: Feb 20, 2024

Cover: 2023

Publisher: Codex Entertainment


Modern Age | USA | English

Comic | 20 pages

Genre: Fantasy

In the latest issue of “Lili the Demoness,” the story takes a thrilling turn as the police begin interrogating the victims of the brutal assault that occurred in the previous issue. Detective Mallory, a seasoned investigator, arrives at the scene, only to be abruptly pulled away to attend to a more pressing matter - a grisly murder that seems to be religiously motivated.

Meanwhile, Lili finds herself drained of energy after her recent battles. Weary and in need of power, she stumbles in a local church where she meets a mysterious man who seems to possess something different from all the other men Lili has had relations with.


Credit Name
Writer Luis Torres
Artist Brian Brinlee
Cover Artist C.B. Zane
Cover Colorist Ceci de la Cruz
Colorist Ylenia di Napoli
Letterer Josh Southall
Editor Liana Gutierrez

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