[Added] Lilo & Stitch #1

Howdy team,

Can you add:

1T - Sabine Rich virgin - Unknown Comics Megacon '24 Exclusive



As well as these missing variants for 1 are missing though:

1U - Rabbit Comics Huy Dinh Negative Space Virgin Variant

1V - Ron Leary Exclusive Variant
1W - Ron Leary Exclusive Virgin Variant

1X - Tanya Lehoux Virgin Variant - MegaCon Orlando 2024 Exclusive

@FranDropik these have been added to the series, thank you for reporting.

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Thanks Rowdy!

Is there some clean up needed on some of these.
I know there is a virgin and a virgin foil of each but the core lists several.

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Looks like you’re right. I fixed this series, thank you for posting!

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Another 2 missing:

#1 - Mike Mayhew trade and virgin


These have been added!

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