[Added] Lunar Smoke #1

This is an existing series in the Core with updated info and missing covers. I have labeled covers for consistency among issues released. Other than A cover which is the Main cover, they can be relabeled.

Comic: Lunar Smoke
issue: 1
Barcode: none
variant: A Main cover by Narcelio Sousa & Elena Di Napoli (colorist)
B Wraparound cover by Leah Kemp
C Naughty wraparound cover by Leah Kemp
D Cosplay cover by Suizie Cosplays
E Cartoon cover by Joel Souza
variant description: Kickstarter
publisher: Submarine Treehouse

Cover date: August 2022
Release date: August 2022
Current Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 20

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Adult, Space, Western
Writer: Arman Nasim
Pencils: Narcelio Sousa
Colors: Michael Woods
Letterer: Marco Della Verde
Cover Artist: see above for list
Editor: Ashley Earley

Lunar Smoke
Misty Moon
Martian Smoke

The final frontier is no match for the cowgirl. Lunar Smoke is the sheriff of the Moon and she wants all the smoke. With her intimate Moon Diary and trusty sidekick Misty Moon, Lunar must protect and serve the newly formed colony - Moon City. And beware of werewolves, Martians and Lunatics.

Lunar Smoke is part of the Lunarverse consisting of Lunar Smoke, Martian Smoke, Jungle Smoke.

A Main cover

A Back cover, can be used for all variants

B wrap around cover
Lunar Smoke 1 B Wraparound by Leah Kemp

C Naughty wrap around cover
Lunar Smoke 1 C Wraparound Naughty by Leah Kemp

D Cosplay cover

E Cartoon cover

These have been added!