[Added] Magma Comix Preview

I have a free preview called “Magma Comix Preview.” It previews Principles of Necromancy, Silicon Bandits and The Scale Trade.

Publisher: Magma Comix
Barcode 85005994900900111
16 pages
February 2024

@Reinharc added, thank you for reporting.

Hmm. I went to link it in Collector and I’m not finding it…

I checked this evening also and what was weird was when I scanned it using the Clz Scanner reader, the barcode shows no results on the scanner yet in the Collectorz program it shows Magma Comix Preview but no photo or any info. When you click on the result it says unrecognizable barcode.

@Reinharc My apologies, I just noticed a step I missed while adding the series. It should be visible now.

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