[Added] Marvel Graphic Novel # 57, Additional Information

NOTE: Missing information for #57. Different bar code, don’t know if its another release than one in core. Cover looks the same as in core. Guessing the one in core is a new release than mine based on the bar code.
Can you tell from bar code is one is a reissue.

Comic: Marvel Graphic Novel
issue: 57
Barcode: 02488523446605 (and ISBN 0-87135-545-0)
variant: softcover
variant description:
title: Rick Mason: The Agent: Foreign Devil’s
publisher: Marvel
imprint: NOTE Epic Comics

Cover date: 1989 NO information as to printing
Release date:
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 78

Cost: USD 9.95
Genre: Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Writer: as creators as in core
Cover Artist:
Editor: Carl Potts, Tom DeFalco

Rick Mason The Agent
Nicholas “Nick” Fury Sr.
Kingpin William Grant Fisk
Black Metal unknown
Stealth Carlos McNally
Quota unknown
The Zapper Colin Smith
Noise Julio Mendoza


In the shadowy world of super-powered espionage, it takes a special kind of operative to get the job done. It takes a master of disguise; a speaker of many tongues; an expert at intelligence gathering; a genius at improvisation.

It takes Rick Mason, The Agent.

Mason is a freelance international operative, a man without a country. Bound only by his personal code of ethics, there is nowhere he will not go, no one he dares not face, and no power he cannot overcome. He is a man of mystery and hard-hitting action, who skirts both the seamy belly of the underworld and the glamorous jet set of the beautiful people.

When the unstable third world country of Costa Brava is conquered by super villains, it becomes a drug-running haven for the corrupt. And more, it may become a base through which the powerful criminals may launch guerrilla attacks into the United States itself. The diplomats’ hands are tied against the power of the sovereign nation, and stopping Costa Brava will take more than strong-arm military tactics. It will require a special kind of operative to get the job done

If he can survive.

@seb added, thank you for reporting. The barcode was already listed. I did not add the ISBN, as that is for books.