[Added] Mexican Foils

3 Mexican foils that are not in core yet. The other ones are on their perspective places example ASM 300 Hulk 181. They all came from same El Quinto Mundo. Pictures are hard to get of these but if you need I can try to get with Google Scan

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Anyone around?

Drats… foiled again .

Are you in Mexico? If not, how do you get Mexican comics?

Hi, sorry must have missed this one. These are already in Core apart from the ASM #50, it has now been added. Here are the series titles so you can find them.

  • Spider-Man [MX]
  • Avengers, Vol. 1 [MX]
  • Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 [MX]

They are in their own series as Panini Comics is the publisher on these so that’s why they’re there instead of the main US series. Thank you for posting!

Now why would you put these separate when all the other Mexican foils are not separated. Consistency is a big thing for me.

This thing called the internet

We actually have a friend down south who picked up the Batman Death Metal covers, Ozzy, etc. and sent them to us. Big love in the collection!

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Why change things you already have other foils with regular books

Because the person who added it to Core might not have known it was a different publisher. By having it in the main series you’re actually tainting the quality of the database with adding books that are not original released variants or reprints by the same publisher (US released).

FYI: You’re going to encounter a few more mistakes along the way. There are a lot more inconsistencies in Core but keep in mind that some have a reason and others don’t. We are happy to fix them if they’re not intended that way. So feel free to post them if you do find them :blush:

I corrected both examples. Thank you for posting!

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I didn’t add them so how am I being blamed. You guys shouldn’t allow ppl to add books because most these people aren’t gonna know that

Not sure what you’re referring to Roger?

You are not being blamed.
Justin meant “you are are tainting…” in general, not referring to you specifically.
And it is probably one of our own content managers who added it. Or maybe a user submitted it and someone from CLZ approved it.

And I think Roger was just expressing his love for mexican foil variants, and explaining how he gets them.

Aww ok I’m still getting used to this forum crap. Way more work than just going on Facebook but it is what it is I guess

Interesting, it works quite similar to Facebook, right?
Just topics and then comments under it.

I am sure you will get used to it soon enough.

About the Mexican foil variants:
Normally, any variant of a comic would be put in the original series, as a variant of the original issue.
However, these Mexican Foil variants actually have a spanish language interior, which makes them actual different books, not variants of the original issue. That is why our standard is to put them into a different [MX] series.

We do try to be consistent, but some of these “rules” were created over the years, after we acquired better insights on how to do this in the best way. So it is possible that you will find instances where our Core does not follow our own rules (yet).

And… that is exactly what this forum is for, to report errors like that and to make Core better every day.

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Well I seen tons of other language books in there besides these ones so it seem very inconsistent to me. Asm 300 alone has a bunch of other language variants listed in the standard Asm Vol. 1 lol you can even see them in my pictures

As I said above: that is exactly what this forum is for, to report errors like that and to make Core better every day.

Well there’s a Turkish one in there and another Mexican foil so I can only imagine there’s many more. 316, 129 I’m sure have some in there

Thank you for letting us know, we will go through those issues and check the variants.

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VIOLATOR Thanks for responding. I should have been clearer when I asked where you got the Mexican comics. I thought you might have specific source (website) if you weren’t in Mexico. I have only ever seen foreign comics at Heritage Auctions.

Enjoy your day.