[Added] Missing from Core McFarlane Page Punchers: Wave 2 Nightwing Variant?

I have just picked up the Nightwing McFarlane Page Puncher. The cover of the included comic is different to the one in the Core. I’m assuming that either yours or mine is a variant. Here’s my cover below.

We’re going to delve into this. Will get back to this post asap @CLZ_Justin :muscle:

With what figure did this came with?

I bought my copy “free standing” (opened and without a figure), but I did find this online:

Here’s a picture of the figure with the comic. And I do live in Australia and that would fit with the Popcultcha sale.

Okay so looks like this and another only came out in Australia. Happy to add this but don’t know to which series/wave. Did you had this on pre-order or did you order it when it came out? Are you going to open it and if so, what is the cover date on the inside (indicia). If not it’s totally fine too, just some questions I have :blush:

I actually bought this from a toy shop in Brisbane called Toymate. It only cost 7 AUD (compare that to Popcultcha!). Yes I’ve already opened it (what’s the point of having a comic you cant read :slightly_smiling_face:)
The indicia states it was printed in China 13/01/2023.
The barcode on the back of the packaging (there isn’t one on the comic itself is 787926158465


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Both have been added to McFarlane Page Punchers: Wave 3. Thank you for posting!