[Added] Missing Item in Database

Please add Venom 150 (2024 Skottie Young foil) to the database. Apologies as these are the best photos available.

This was added in “Venom, Vol. 3 [MX]”. Thank you for posting :blush:

I see the 2017 version but not the new 2024 foil variant.

But there is no 2017 version…

This is what’s in the database but what I need added is the new 2024 foil variant.

You’re looking in the wrong series. It’s in “Venom, Vol. 3 [MX]” as I mentioned before :blush:

Checking to see if the new 2024 foil variant was added.

The only one in volume 3 is the 2017 version which is not foil. I just checked again. This one was just published in 2024 for Heroes Con as an Archrival exclusive. This is not the same book as this one pictured.

Again, you are looking in the wrong series. The book you own is not an American comic, it’s a Mexican foil reprint of the book you are showing. You can find the comic you own in the series “Venom, Vol. 3 [MX]”. Here is the entry that I added to Core:

Please scan the barcode if you cannot find the series manually :blush: