[Added] MISSING VARIANTS: PS Artbooks Facsimile Editions

I have been collecting various Facsimile comics by PS ArtBooks and have quite a few now that do not have the variants in core yet.

These are exact duplicates of the original, they do NOT have an indicia indicating they are a reprint, however, they are on far better paper than was used in the 1940s/50s, so that is how they can be told apart from the originals.

Here’s a list of some that I have right now I’m not seeing in core. I’d suggest adding them as a “B” variant of the issue, denoting them as a Facsimile by PS ArtBooks. You can use the same cover art as the issue in core already, since the Facsimile cover is identical.

Here are the ones that need to be added:
Rocket to the Moon #1 (Avon - 1951)
Robotmen of the Lost Planet #1 (Avon - 1952)
The Thing! #14 (Charlton - June 1954)
The Thing! #15 (Charlton - July 1954)
Weird Tales of the Future #8 (SPM Publications - July 1953)

For the series Blue Bolt in core, you currently have the publisher as Funnies, Inc, but my research shows that #102 and up the publisher switched to Star Publications:
Blue Bolt #108 (Feb 1951)
Blue Bolt #110 (Aug 1951)
Blue Bolt #116 (Dec 1952)

@BobBretall added and corrected, thank you for reporting.

@CLZ_Rowdy I’m not seeing the “B” cover Facsimiles for these:
Blue Bolt #108 (Feb 1951)
Blue Bolt #110 (Aug 1951)
Blue Bolt #116 (Dec 1952)

@BobBretall ah, missed these. Added them just now, thank you for the heads-up.