[Added] Missing Version/s : Sand Land - Collector's Bundle

Game Name: Sand Land
Edition: Collector’s Bundle
Barcode: 4573102655202
Region: USA
Platform: PS5
Release: April 24, 2024


The Collector’s Bundle Includes:

Sand Land - Base Game (Physical Disc)
Game Exclusive Beelzebub Figurine with Base by S.H. Figurarts
"Barcode Is on Figurart box"

Game Name: Sand Land
Edition: Collector’s Edition
Barcode: 3391892030570
Region: EU
Platform: PS5
PriceCharting ID: 6732791


Collector’s Edition includes:
Base game
Speed Demon Pack
My Room Furniture Set: Army Base
My Room Furniture Set: Hideout
Beelzebub Decal Set
Beelzebub Customizable Figurine
Postcards Set
PRE-ORDER BONUS - Survivalist Camo Pack (Custom Vehicle Colours)

I’ve added the missing editions to CORE.
Thank you for reporting.