[Added] Our Starry Universe

Comic: Our Starry Universe
issue: 1
Barcode: none
variant: See attached covers with “by artist names”
variant description: Kickstarter
publisher: Apoapsu Entertainment

Cover date: May 2023
Release date: 2023
Current Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 28

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Writer: Andrew Abarca
Pencils: Ale Garza, Pow Rodrix
Inks: Mostafa Moussa
Colors: Nei Ruffino
Letterer: Tom Martin
Cover Artist: see cover “by artist names”
Editor: Joseph Oliveira

Jesika Darkoni

Jesika Darkoni, at the hands of the Preeminence, finds out in the worst way that she has a magic power, in a universe seemingly without magic, to protect herself from being killed but using it without control causes those around her to die.

On top of this, the Preeminence has accused her of space piracy and is chasing her for unknown reasons. She is supported by her AI, but all is not what it seems. Our Starry Universe is a funny, charming Sci-Fi fantasy adventure about a young woman navigating the perils of her universe with her weird AI and making every effort to stop killing people while trying to discover herself and make some friends along the way.

1 A by Douglas Flinn

1 back cover for all covers

1 B by Anonymous, Diana Greenhalgh, Raven Monroe

1 C by Rivald Paiva, Marco Galli, Sanju Nivangune

1 D by Jamie Tyndall, Ezequiel Dominguez

1 E by Chris Ehnot, David Delanty

F by Joe Weems V, Ula Mos

1 G by Marissa Pope, Hedwin Zaldivar

1 H by Ale Garza, Ceci De La Cruz

1 I by Paolo Pantalena

1 J by Cross

1 K by Diaveri

1 L byJason Metcalf, Ivan Nunes

1 M by Jamie Tyndall, Ezequiel Dominguez

1 N by Marissa Pope, Hedwin Zaldivar

1 O by Ale Garza, Ceci De La Cruz

1 P by Paolo Pantalena

1 Q by Jason Metcalf, Ivan Nunes

1 R by Bella Rachlin (Kickstarter Exclusive)

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