[Added] Please Add: Drawn Together

Series Title: Drawn Together
Issue Number: Unknown, and none shown, but the cover does note “First Print” under the title
Barcode: None
Variant Description: N/A
Cover Artist: Mike DeBalfo & Marissa Pope

Note: The cover photo provided is signed, I had trouble finding an unsigned photo to upload.

@Thwip ‘Drawn Together (SR Comics International)’ has been added to Core. Thank you for reporting.

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Okay, that was easier and faster than I anticipated :+1:t2: Now I just might have to ask for a few other books I’ve added to the CLZ App manually, and tagged as such.

@Thwip I’m not sure what you mean with that.

If you manually added comics to your local database there’s no way for me to see them. Also I’m not sure what you mean with tagging them.

Did you perhaps use Submit to Core to submit them to Core (which is our online comic database) with help of the Action tab in CLZ Comics?
And if so, which series are you referring to?

No action required, thanks for your help and reply.

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