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Metalshade 0(x) Lethal Lexxia Holofoil Nice Variant
Limited to 25 copies
Publisher = Akirakirai
Story: Ikik Bell
Penciller = Izik Bell
Penciller = Patrick Blaine
Colors = Alexa Lo
Colors = Raciel Avila Silva
Colors = King Bola
Letters = Dave Lentz
Cover Artist = Alexa Lo

Chapter = Ectoplasm & Nightmares
Preceding the events of issue one, freelance hacker Vexxa exposes the corruption of Necroworld’s elite. Aeryn Thorn prepares to disband her prototype MetalShade strike-force as she advances her long-term strategies and begins to assemble her new core team. The Crypter goes to war with the criminal underground in Grid City. Shrine collects information as she stalks her prey. Riplocke makes a deal with the devil to save the woman he loves. Visage makes her first full appearance as she grapples with the machinations of Aeryn Thorn.

32 pages

Screenshot 2024-03-12 150027

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