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Scorpiana 4H
Publisher = Outpost 426 Studios
Writer = Michael Shoemaker
Letters = Kel Nuttall
Artist = C.B. Zane
Colors = Andrea Celestini
Centerfold = Courtney Rose
Cover Artist = CoDiArt96

Pages = 26

Scorpiana’s mission of vengeance continues in issue #4 as she and her allies move to confront Pluto Mohr, the mad scientist keeping Elena’s sister Maria incapacitated. Just as he moves to dissect her alive, Maria awakens! What will this mean for her – and for Mohr?

Meanwhile, Scorpiana and her allies Carter Maxwell, Shadha, and Crackshot storm Mohr’s compound in an effort to rescue Maria. But Mohr has unleashed his most powerful defense yet – Quantium zombies!!! This powerful mob attacks our heroes as they make their way onto the grounds.

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