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Please add the following issue. It is from Kickstarter…

Issue 01A
Kickstarter Issue

Episode 1 - Chainsaw Academy
Story = Izik Bell
Pencils = Izik Bell
Colors = Alexa Lo
Colors = Dave Kemp
Colors = Dan Kemp
Lettering = Dave Lentz
Cover Art = Izek Bell

32 pages

The life of a black-market companion doll changes forever when she is possessed by a vengeful spirit who empowers her to reject her programming and rise up against her merciless captors.
The once submissive pleasure doll morphs into something volatile and deadly. Now become a weapon; one with a score to settle with all her former abusers.
She enacts her revenge; a lifetime of torment and pain lending its frenetic rage to every fatal strike as she mows them down in a righteous symphony of death…

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