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Please add the following issue. It is from Kickstarter, so I do not know how to letter the variants.

Valkyrie Saviors: Key of Storms
Issue 02
Ivy’s Waiting Variant Cover
Mount Olympus Comics

Chapter 5 - Where the Wind Blows
Story = Ron Zabala
Pencils = AR Molina
Colors = Illaria Fella
Lettering = Keith Perkins
Cover Art = Sai Art

24 pages

Valkyrie Saviors, college students by day, giant Valkyrie warriors by night! Defending the earth from Zodiac Gods, monsters and college life! The story continues from soon after Valkyrie Saviors Key of Storms #1! The girls are fighting for their lives and that of their closest friends as new Zodiac foes unleash their power!

The Roommate

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