[Added] Proposed Key Fixes

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You may consider making Detective Comics Vol. 1 #850 a minor key. 1st Unofficial Gotham City Sirens appearance as the Harley/Ivy/Catwoman team-up predates Gotham City Sirens #1. The current value may suggest the market considers it so.

Also, i believe Detective Comics #608 would feel better as a minor key. Anarky is a very cool character, but it may be a bit exaggerated for him to keep company with a 1st Harley Quinn or a 1st Deadpool as he hasn’t really gone anywhere important. But that’s just like my opinion, man :slight_smile:

The reverse holds true for Legends #3, as the New Suicide Squad has been consistently popular for decades and have at least 2 major films devoted to them. So, major key for this issue would maybe work best but again, just my opinion.

In any case, food for thought to take into account for your already wonderful key database.

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hi, thank you for posting! Appreciate the kind words :blush:

I have added TEC #850 and made an edit to GCS #1. I agree with you on Anarky and changed that to minor. Definitely not it the same range as the other big rogues gallery members.

I’d say I disagree with Suicide Squad. The team itself isn’t fixed, the roster is always changing depending on the writer. So a specific team doesn’t carry much as the name. That’s still Brave and the Bold #25. You’re also comparing a readily available book to a DC silver age book. Which is more scarce compared to a Marvel silver age comic. This makes it look like it sells more or that it is more in demand when it actually is not. Legends #3 is just easier to get. So we’ll just keep this one as it is.

Thank you for posting, happy to dig in any other key topics if you have more!


Justin, thanks for this. Good reasoning on the Squad. Totally agree.

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