[Added] Rom & Justice League Keys

A few more keys that i failed to include in my last post, sorry about that.

ROM #14 1st appearance Starshine I (Landra)
ROM #40 1st appearance Starshine II (Brandy Clarke)
Justice League Quarterly #1 1st team appearance The Conglomerate

Regarding the Rom keys, my point is that there were actually 2 Starshines. Starshine I first appeared in Rom #14, and was the Galadoran Landra (which you already have marked as a key). After she died, the suit passed to Rom’s friend Brandy Clarke in Rom #40 and became a distinctly different (and more violent) character with a different suit.

On the basis that the various Ratcatchers, Manhunters etc are considered separate characters, i believe the same might apply to Starshine.

ROM #14: added
ROM #40: added
JLQ #1: added

found a third Starshine in Spaceknights, this one has been added as well.

Thank you for posting!

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