[Added] Shi #1 (new variant: Hardcover Edition)

Comic: Shi

issue: 1

Barcode: 978096587513456499


variant description:

title: Shi: Way of the Warrior, part 1

publisher: Crusade Comics

imprint: Crusade Fine Arts, Ltd

Cover date: March 2024

Release date: March 2024

Current Age | Color | USA | English

Pages: 112

Cost: USD $50.00

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Art-PinUp

Writer: Billy Tucci

Scripter: Peter Gutierrez

Pencils: Billy Tucci

Inkers: Harvey Mercadoocasio

Colors: Barry Orkin

Letterer: Billy Tucci

Cover Artist: Billy Tucci

Cover Colorist: Wes Hartman

Editor: J.C. Vaughn, Jason Odom




Shi: Way of the Warrior #1 literally changed the face of comics and launched the “Bad Girl” revolution returns in this premium formatted, 112-page, hardcover edition featuring the never-before-published original artwork for the book that started it all back in 1994. Now to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the multi-Eisner Award nominee, Crusade Comics is publishing this very special edition for our Kickstarter backers, The Shi #1 30th Anniversary Original Art Edition!

This modern-day samurai saga introduces the story of Ana Ishikawa, a young woman born of two cultures and drafted into a shadow war that has existed for over 500 years. In this complete omnibus, we follow Ana as she begins her violent assault on the Yakuza Oyabun Masahiro Arashi.

Originally brought to you by outlaw indie-creators Billy Tucci, Peter Gutierrez and Barry Orkin, Crusade Comics has spared no expense in delivering you this incredible collection chockfull of never-before-published art and extras. Every story page, pencils/inks, colors and letters have been digitally re-mastered from the original comic book pages will be individually showcased and printed, detailing the inner creative process.

Front cover

Back cover

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