[Added] Spider man how to beat the bully

Can you please add -

Spider-Man “How to Best The Bully”/Jubilee “Peer Pressure”, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1994.




Interiors and Indicia

FYI, that is listed as the Jubilee cover. Check under “Jubilee: Peer Pressure.”

But there is an August 2002 edition that is missing. It is most easily recognized because it has a black border on both sides.

Yes I saw the Jubilee entry but I figured that had been entered incorrectly since the book in the Indicia is listed as spider man then jubilee - thought you may want to update it and get the spidey side cover in there as well for completeness and correctness. Thanks!

I have added the variant. I also added various aliasses to this entry so it should be more easy to find next time. The Spider-Man cover was already listed, as backcover. Thank you for reporting.

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Cool. Thank you!!