[Added] The Abominable Charles Christopher #2

Title: The Abominable Charles Christopher
Issue: 3
Variant: HC
Barcode: NA
Description: Deluxe Hardcover Edition
Cover Artist: Karl Kerschl
Publisher: Abominable Books
Release Date: Dec 2012
Country: Canada

Hi CLZ Team,
This is the other one that seems to have been missed.

This has been added!

This this #2 or 3 or both 3? And what is the other (lion cover)?
If both: Which is the main cover?

The ones added are correct as #2 and #3. #1 has a green cover.

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Thanks you for confirming!

Volume 1 front and back

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Hi @CLZ_Justin,
Thank you for adding it in. Sorry for the confusion, yes this is #2 not #3 cut and paste have let me down. You have made an error though. The issue should be 2 and the Variant should be HC not ‘HC-2’.
They are different books, not variant covers of the same book.

There are also SC variants of each issue - you can find the covers here if you want to add them




This has been fixed!

Added the softcovers as well!