[Added] The Agatha Christie Collection (5movie collection not found)

Hello again.
I recently got a box set of 5 Agatha Christie movies.
The box isn’t recognized in the Core, tried both manual and barcode.
What would be the best way to add this? The movies have their own individual barcode that is recognized.
Can I add movies separately and then add to box set later, or better to keep them as separate entries?

Box contains:

  1. Murder on the Orient Express 7090001711619
  2. Evil Under The Sun 7090001711640
  3. The Mirror Crack’d 7090001711657
  4. Death on the Nile 7090001711602
  5. Ordeal By Innocence 7090001711909

And the Box has barcode 7090001715167

I’ve added the missing box set to CORE.

The barcode on the individual movies is not added to the box. You can of course use this to add the individual movies, but if you add it as a box set they will not have a barcode.

Could you also send me the front cover of this box? then I’ll add it to CORE as soon as possible. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah. Thanks. Then I’ll see if I add them as a single movie or box set.

I thought about the front cover after I closed down the browser, I used the back cover since you can only add one image in a post. Didn’t cross my mind until after that I could just hit Reply and add it there ::

I’m adding it now.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ve added the front cover to CORE