[Added The Devil's Misfits #0A - New York Comic Con Preview (Jamie Tyndall)

Release: Oct 17, 2023

Cover: 2023

Publisher: Jamie Tyndall


Modern Age | USA | English

Comic | 16 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

If you were ever a rebel, if you head banged with your friends in your parents basement. If you grew up with Buffy and Supernatural and thought “Hey I could be a slayer” then stuck your little brother with stake. If you were a misfit, an outsider or a kid that got bullied and wished you had superpowers…

Then prepare for the rise of the greatest kick ass girl Rock band of demon slayers Hollywood has to offer… The Devil’s Misfits!!


Credit Name
Writer Neo Edmund
Artist Tina Francesco
Cover Artist Jamie Tyndall
Cover Colorist Ezequiel Dominguez
Colorist Ms Ain
Layouts Wilson Tortossa
Editor Neo Edmund, Murphey, Jamie Tyndall


Courtney Storm
Taylor Lee
Skylar Van Jearger
Gary (Dragon)
Eddie Sparkles

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