[Added] The Illustrated Roger Zelazny

Comic: The Illustrated Roger Zelazny
Barcode: 9780894370144
variant: Hardcover, limited edition of 2,500 copies
variant description:
publisher: Baronet Publishing Company
imprint: Byron Preiss Visual Productions

Cover date: February 1978
Release date: February 1978
| Color | USA | English
Pages: 96

Cost: USD
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Writer: Roger Zelazny
Pencils: Gray Morrow
Cover Artist: Gray Morrow
Editor: Byron Preiss


ROGER ZELAZNY, Hugo and Nebula Award winning author, and science fiction artist GRAY MORROW have combined their talents to produce a deluxe, full-color illustrated book of the most fabulous Zelazny tales and characters.

A stunning collection of graphic stories, murals, illustrations and never-before-published Zelazny fiction, this book is one of the most lavish fantasy volumes ever published.

Among its features are a new SHADOWJACK adventure, the first illustrated version of A ROSE FOR ECCLESIASTES, the first graphic story version of THE DOORS OF HIS FACE, THE LAMPS OF HIS EYES, and a sweeping series of murals based on Corwin and the Amber worlds - AN AMBER TAPESTRY.

Magnificent art, fantastic stories and a revolutionary format will make this book a treasured collectors edition in years to come.

The First Printing is a limited signed edition of 2,500. Signed by Roger Zelazny and Gray Morrow.

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