[Added] The Magic of Aria HC

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Title: The Magic of Aria
Cover Date: July 2000
Barcode: none
Format: HC
Pages: 144
Color: Color
Publisher: Image Comics
Imprint: Avalon Studios
Age: Modern
Genre: Fantasy
Country: USA
Language: English
Cover Prince: $13.95

Writer: Brian Holguin
Artist: Jay Anacleto
Colors: Brian Haberlin

Plot: Somewhere around the corner, just beyond the edge of perception, lies a world you never dreamed existed… A world where creatures of ancient myth and gods long thought dead, walk unnoticed along the crowded streets of Manhattan. Where ladies of Faerie dance lonely nights away, bathed in soft neon glare. Where every shadow holds a secret, and every secret has a price. Where danger and wonder can be found at any turn, if you only know where to look.


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