[Added] The Naked Spy 1

Comic: The Naked Spy
issue: 1
Barcode: none
variant: A thru H, see file names on pictures for variant name and artists
variant description:
title: Eye of the Day
publisher: JC Comics

Cover date: March 2024
Release date: March 2024
Current Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 28

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Action, Mature, Spies, Thriller
Writer: Jared Chinigo, Jessica Chinigo
Pencils: Bugra Batuhan Berah
Colors: Bugra Batuhan Berah
Letterer: Marco Della Verde
Cover Artist: SEE Cover Pictures for Artist names

Characters: Mata Hari

Follow the sultry saga fo the original femme fatale, as she navigate a web of betrayal and romance across war-torn Europe.
This steamy spy thriller follows Mata Hari on her journey to becoming Paris’ most famous erotic dancer, before she’s recruited to work as a French spy at the height of WW1. With danger lurking around every corner, Mata Hari’s skills of seduction will become her deadliest weapon, as she users her allure to extract secrets and survive the treacherous world of espionage.

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