[Added] The Whistling Skull - Special Edition Hardcover

I’m not 100% sure of who you’d list as the publisher - there is no indicia in the book It was put out through Zoop, but I don’t think I would consider Zoop a publisher so I kind of think it is ‘self published’

In my mind there is an A, B & C - there is the standard HC, then is the signed HC with a tipped-in plate and the remarked HC with again the tipped-in plate and a head sketch as well as the signatures. The standard edition does not have the plate. I will included the Zoop reference below.

Title: The Whistling Skull - Special Edition Hardcover
Issue: HC
Variant: C
Description: Signed and Remarked on tipped-in plate
Cover Artist: Tony Harris
Publisher: self published
Release Date: 2023
Country: USA
Format: HC
Pages: 168
Writer: B. Clay Moore
Layouts: Tony Harris

@Dean this has been added to Core as ‘Zoop Presents: The Whistling Skull’. Thank you for reporting.

I don’t think it should be called ‘Zoop Presents’ that is only on the kickstarter page and appears nowhere on the actual book. I’m pretty confident it is just ‘The Whistling Skull’

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Edited the series title.

That’s a fair point. I wanted to make clear this is a kickstarter, but this should work either way.
Thanks for the heads-up.