[Added] Time²: The Satisfaction of Black Mariah

Title: Time²: The Satisfaction of Black Mariah
Barcode: NA
Cover Artist: Howard Chaykin
Publisher: First Comics
Release Date: Sep 1987
Cover Date: Sep 1987
Format: Squarebound
Writer: Howard Chaykin
Artist: Howard Chaykin
Price: $7.95

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@CLZ_Rowdy Just a heads up that this was already in core as First Comics Graphic Novel #12… maybe better to add an alias so that this series comes up when someone searches for Black Mariah… by adding this separately, this same book is duplicated in two places.

@Dean @BobBretall

it appears this was already listed in Core, as issue #12 in the series ‘First Comics Graphic Novel’

An alias was already added to this series but I guess the search result was overlooked.

Thank you for reporting.

@CLZ_Rowdy I’m all for data integrity and not having duplicates, but more broadly speaking, with series like ‘First Comics Graphic Novel’ how would anyone know to look under that?

If you look at the indicia in the book, it is not called that anywhere in the book, see the photo. Nowhere on the book is it listed as an #12.

On the cover and Spine it says ‘First Graphic Novel’. But that seems like the way Dark Horse has ‘Dark Horse Books’ on the spine of some of their Graphic Novels. As an example, it would seem crazy to go looking for the book ‘De:Tales’ under ‘Dark Horse Books’.

I’ve got a pretty big collection and have been collecting for 35 years. There are a number of older books or more obscure/limited books I have, which I add into the collection to help people in the future, if they have that same book. This kind of just feels like gatekeeper secret knowledge, when that info isn’t printed in the book.

@Dean can you check the barcode on your particular issue? The entry in the series in Core has 9780915419234 listed as a barcode so at least it should be findable when scanning and searching on the barcode.

I’m not sure how to interpret the gatekeeper secret knowledge comment to be honest but at the time the decision was made to keep al these comics released under the “First Graphic Novel” brand in one place. We added the series title as aliasses for more convenience. That’s all.