[Added] Trucker F*** in Denial - One Shot - Fantagraphic

Trucker F*** in Denial - One Shot
Price $3.95 USD; 6.00 CAD
36 Pages
On Sale Date: June 30th, 2004
Adults Only
Standard Size
Originally publisher under Fantagraphics Books
Black and white interior
Story & artwork by Jim Blanchard

Story: Adults only comic book about 2 obese, aging truck drivers in denial of their homosexuality

2nd Printing March 2005 (printed in Canada), I don’t have a cover for this one

1st Print Front Cover:

Later reprinted in 2017 by Obnoxious Books
Only 32 pages, Deluxe Edition printed 8.5x11 magazine size

Deluxe Edition Front Cover:

Deluxe Edition Back Cover:

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