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Can I get a new series added ‘Ultra Pato (La Mole Convention) [MX]’.

This was a licensed reprinting of Ultra Pato/Ultra Duck by La Mole and was limited to 1000 copies. It has no barcode.

Format: Comic
Release Date: March, 2024
Publisher: La Mole Convention

Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
No. of Pages: 32
Age: Modern
Genre: Action, Adventure

Cover Artist: J. Scott Campbell
Cover Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Cover Penciler: J. Scott Campbell
Cover Inker: J. Scott Campbell
Artist: Omar Lozano, Marco Lorenzana, Bere Muniz, Guion Y
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Editor: Ignacio Septien

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

@FranDropik added, thank you for reporting.

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