[Added] Valkyrie Saviors, Vol. 2, #1

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Can I get a new series added ‘Valkyrie Saviours, vol. 2’ #1?

I can see three variants on Sad Lemon and 7 ate 9 in the UK:

CA: BearWitch
Writer: Ron Z
Artist: Gian Carlo Bernal

Plot: An epic new tale in the Patriotika-verse, because some things in it are too big to contain in one series! College students by day, kaiju-size valkyrie warriors by night! Larissa, Valkyrie of the Tides, is the only one of Freja’s forces who remains to fight the evil zodiac gods! Can she find new recruits in time to stop them?

Publisher: Mount Olympus Comics
Format: Comic
Release date: July 2024

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Added, thank you for reporting.

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Thank you @CLZ_Rowdy! :beers: