[Added] Vampirella, Vol 6 #666 Tyndall

Vampirella, Vol 6 #666
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Jamie Tyndall Exclusive Cover
Jamie Tyndall

@millerad76 added, thank you for reporting.

Hey, did you guys move the issues starting with 666 to another series? They now seem to be missing from the Vol 6 core title.

Of course, this entire series is mislabeled and should be vol 5. There was a numbering snafu on the Vampirella series numbers I think when it switched from Harris Comics to Dynamite Comics. I had reported this to Alwin a while back. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I created a new series for this today. The issue #666 and up are listed in ‘Vampirella, Vol. 7’.

I am aware of the series listings with different publishers and all that but we believe the way they are listed now is the best we can do.

We always try to match how these series are listed by publishers, but in general these series volumes aren’t created to match exactly what the publishers decide. We occasionally experienced this with some of the decisions publishers made afterwards. Now with the decision by the publisher to create legacy numbering, for instance.

This series - Vampirella, Vol. 7 - has been created because I noticed this series is listed similar otherwise; as a series of its own, starting with issue #666