[Added] Vanya: The Lost Warrior #6B - Dravacus Nice Variant (Bad Bug Media)

Release: Jan 29, 2024

Cover: Jan 2024

Publisher: Bad Bug Media

Modern Age | USA | English

Comic | 32 pages

Genre: Science Fiction, Adult

The year is 2288.

Earth is one nation and at war with a hostile alien species that strives to steal technology and conquer the galaxy.

Upon discovering time travel, a military program is enacted called he “Time Trials,” which is designed to train skilled warriors the technique of surviving in harsh conditions on other planets.

Those who survive the Time Trials join the Astral Guard, the prestigious branch of military at the forefront of interplanetary war.

The requirements for the Time Trials are simple.

Travel to an undisclosed time period for one year…

… and survive!


Credit Name
Writer Mike Tener
Artist Zoran Jovicic
Cover Artist Dravacus
Colorist Bryan Magnaye
Letterer Justin Birch

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