[Added] Video Noire

Title: Video Noire
Variant: TP
Description: First English Language Edition
Barcode: 978156971628150995
Cover Artist: Eduardo Risso
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Imprint: Venture
Release Date: Sep 2001
Cover Date: Sep 2001
Format: Trade Paperback
Writer: Carlos Trillo
Artist: Eduardo Risso
Price: $9.95
Description: A seedy private eye is hideously murdered after taking tawdry, career-threatening photos of the beautiful host of a popular children’s show. When the P.I.'s associate searches for the answers behind his friend’s killing, he is drawn into a netherworld he never imagined existed and discovers truths he wishes he’d never found. Penned by CyberSix creator Carlos Trillo and illustrated by acclaimed 100 Bullets artist Eduardo Risso, Video Noire is a taut, hard-edged journey into violent passions, forbidden obsessions…and ancient evil. Video Noire is another exciting Venture graphic album, published in collaboration with Strip Art Features, and available for the first time in an English-language edition!

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