[Added] War Party (Rampart Press) # 1B

War Party (Rampart Press) # 1B
Barcode: 978097995793250399
Variant Description: Indiegogo Cover
Cover Artist: Justin Murphy

Writer Justin Murphy
Artist Justin Murphy
Cover Artist Justin Murphy

Product Details
Genre Fantasy, Action
Color Color
Barcode 978097995793250399
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 2023-01-03

James, can you PLEASE consolidate all reports for missing comics of the SAME series into ONE topic on this forum?
There is no need to create separate topic for each missing variant. Just create one topic, then post all the rest in the same topic, or as comments on it.

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Moving forward if I have additional items that need adding under the same comic book series at any one time I will attempt to consolidate under one discussion thread.

Thank you!