[Added] We Don't Kill Spider Vol. 1 HC

There’s a hardcover collection of We Don’t Kill Spiders, however after the shut down of the Dark Caravan imprint at Scout Comics it should be noted this is a self published edition and is NOT put out by Scout Comics, even though it collects the first four issues of We Don’t Kill Spiders which was put out by Scout Comics under the Dark Caravan imprint. Anyways, I picked up a copy at AwesomeCon this weekend and found that it is not in CLZ.

Series Title: We Don’t Kill Spiders HC
Issue Number: Volume 1
Cover date: January 2024
Barcode: 979889217238753999
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Crime
Pages: 136
Color: Color
Country: USA
Language: English
Cover Price: $39.99
Plot: In the early Viking age, a faithless Norseman detective is summoned to a Scanidavian hamlet where a series of murders have occurred. Discovering the dark and bloody history of the village he investigates the local outcast, a necromantic witch who brings his atheistic values into question. Determined to prevent further homicides, the two band together to discover the identity of a serial killer.

Writer: Joseph Schmalke
Artist: Joseph Schmalke
Cover artist: Joseph Schmalke
Letterer: DC Hopkins
Editor: Shawn French

Cover art:

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