[Added] Widow Unleashed #7

Comic: Widow Unleashed

issue: 7

Barcode: none

variant: see below, 7 covers

variant description:

A Main Cover

B Nude Cover

C Adult Cover

D Elegant Photo Cover

E Steamy Photo Cover

F Elegant Movie Limited B&W Cover

G Steamy Movie Limited B&W Cover

title: Widow: Kill Me Again, part 3 of 4, Deadly Reunion

publisher: Mike Wolfer Entertainment


Cover date: 2024

Release date: April 2024

Current Age | Color | USA | English

Pages: 24 plus cover front, insides & back

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)

Genre: Erotic, Horror

Writer: Mike Wolfer

Pencils: Mike Wolfer

Colors: Periya Pillai

Letterer: Natalie Jane (uncredited)

Cover Artist: Mike Wolfer

Cover Colorist: Mike Wolfer for main cover A

Cover Colorist: Bruna Costa for nude cover B

Cover Colorist: Arthur Hesli adult cover C



Drew Triggert



The steaming-hot erotic horror tale of Emma, the woman-spider, continues with the next two installments of WIDOW UNLEASHED! This is it, the pulse-pounding conclusion to the “Kill Me Again” story arc, filled with sex, horror, and the exploits of the world’s most sensuous spider creature. Emma and Drew are on the run, hunted by the FBI and the Philadelphia police, and are careening toward a final showdown with a shock ending that will leave you breathless! It’s WIDOW UNLEASHED as never before, uncut and in full-color for the first time!

7 A Main Cover

7 A Back cover, can be used for add covers

7 B Nude cover
Widow Unleashed 7 B Nude cover

7 C Adult cover
Widow Unleashed 7 C Adult cover

7 D Elegant Photo cover
Widow Unleashed 7 D Elegant Photo

7 E Steamy Photo cover
Widow Unleashed 7 E Steamy Photo cover

7 F Elegant Movie Limited B&W Photo cover
Widow Unleashed 7 F Elegant Movie B&W Photo cover

7 G Steamy Movie Limited B&W cover
Widow Unleashed 7 G Steamy Movie B&W Photo cover

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