[Added] Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen #1

Volumes 2 & 3 are listed, but not volume 1 for some reason. Also, a volume 4 is listed, though it won’t be out until 7/30/2024, and it erroneously has the cover to Witch Hat Atelier vol. 12. Also, the Core title ends with “Gn,” and I feel like this should either be removed entirely or at least have both letters capitalized.

Issue No. 1
Release Date: 10/31/2023
Barcode: 9781646518432
Format: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Plot: Witch Hat Atelier is back in this culinary spinoff that lets readers try their hand at recreating a variety of sumptuous recipes. This time, the magic is in the kitchen as Qifrey and the gang whip up everything from sizzling stews to crackling croquettes. Ideal for both existing fans of the main series and newcomers looking for an easily “disgestible” introduction to the world of Witch Hat.

Evening falls on Qifrey’s atelier, and Coco and her fellow witches-in-training take to their beds. In the quiet of midnight, Qifrey and Olruggio are finally free to pursue their culinary experiments. The kitchen comes alive as they whip up puddings, stews, parfaits, and jellies, and when the sun rises, Coco and the gang are there to savor every bite!

Includes a variety of real sweet and savory recipes with step-by-step instructions.
Writer: Hiromi Sato
Translator: Stephen Kohler
Letterer: Lys Blakeslee
Editor: Andres Oliver
Front Cover:

It’s not clear who the artist is. Witch Hat Atelier artist Kamome Shirahama is credited with “created by,” and it certainly looks like their work, but in the afterword Sato thanks Shirahama for “worldbuilding and whimsical ingredients” and thanks “my staff for their assistance with the art.” The staff is unnamed, though the page has “With assistance from” credits for Kazuhiro Okamoto, Hikaru Seo, and Nobuyuki Yanagihara.

@tfoss1983 added issue #1, along with the credits.

The cover you see for issue #4 is preview art (and thus isn’t the actual front cover), which comes directly from Previewsworld. I have deleted the preview art for now. Thank you for reporting.