[Added] Wolverine - Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection #50 Hardcover

Comic: Marvel Graphic Novel
issue: 50
Barcode: 02488523449795 and ISBN 0-87135-577-9
variant description: Hardcover
title: Wolverine - Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection
publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover date: 1989
Release date: 1989
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 64

Cost: USD 16.95
Genre: Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Writer: Archie Goodwin
Pencils: Howard Chaykin
Colors: Richard Ory, Barb Rausch
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Cover Artist: Howard Chaykin
Editor: Gregory Wright, Mark Gruenwald, Tom DeFalco

Nicholas “Nick” Fury Sr.
Dum Dum Dugan


Two thousand feet above the Urubamba River amid Peru’s legendary ruins of Machu Picchu, an encampment is suddenly attacked by a lone, ruthlessly efficient assassin. Dead in the aftermath are agents from international law enforcement group, S.H.I.E.L.D. Assigned to uncover activities of the terrorist support network, Swift Sword, they have paid the price of having their own activities discovered. Their killer leaves one clue. A small plastic disc bearing a zodiac symbol. Scorpio.

It is a symbol all too familiar to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s leader, Nick Fury. He has faced the man behind the Scorpio identity before. He has fought him and he has seen him die. And he has lived with the secret that this murderous, all but unbeatable menace was his brother, Jake Fury. Has Jake risen from the dead? Has someone else taken up the mask and powers of Scorpio? To lay a family ghost to rest, to purge his own guilt over the way Jake died, Fury is driven to find and unmask the new Scorpio even if it means breaking every rule he has set for his own agency.

Unfortunately for Nick Fury, he has competition. It doesn’t come any tougher. Wolverine. He is part berserker warrior. He is part modern day samurai. He is the deadliest member of the outlaw mutant group, the X-Men, and he also wants Scorpio. Once, in the scorching deserts of Australia, the nearly indestructible mutant accrued a debt of honor. Now it must be paid. The man he owes is one of Scorpio’s victims. Savage as the animal whose name became his code identity, Wolverine knows only one way to settle such a debt. In blood. Preferably drawn by the razor-sharp adamantium claws that are part of him, that make Wolverine a killing machine without peer.

To facilitate the hunt for Scorpio, Wolverine and Nick Fury join forces. It is an uneasy truce. In vastly different ways, each man is driven by demons of the past Each new revelation about the identity and purpose of the man they pursue drives them harder. From Venice to Istanbul to the Aegean and beyond, their course is marked by international intrigue and global scale violence. Ultimately, it becomes a collision course. It will end in the United States with a multiple confrontation in which past, present, and future for each combatant are torn, bloodied, and forever changed.

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