[Added] X-Men #1 - Classic Cover

Hi Team,

I know X-Men, Vol. 1, #1 (and it’s variants) already has a ton of keys, so what’s two more! :joy:

To variants A through P - Can we get ‘Classic cover art by Jim Lee’ added to the description, and the categories ‘Cover’ added.

And to all variants ‘Best selling issue of all time’ added to the description, and ‘Other’ added.

I also noticed variants Q, R, and S are missing the minor key for ’ 1st team app. The Acolytes, 1st team app. X-Men Blue, 1st team app. X-Men Gold’ and the category ‘1st team appearance’.

Thank you!


This has been added but forgot to leave a comment :sweat_smile:

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Amazing - thanks @CLZ_Justin