[Added] X-Men 33 - David Nakayama

Hi Team,

Can I get three variants for X-Men, Vol. 5, #33 added to core? They are all by David Nakayama and are Unknown Comics exclusives.



Thank you!

Trade: https://unknowncomicbooks.com/products/x-men33fhxunknowncomicsdavidnakayamaexclusivevar04-03-2024?variant=41603508469853
Virgin: https://unknowncomicbooks.com/products/x-men33fhxunknowncomicsdavidnakayamaexclusivedarkphoenixvirginvar04-03-2024?variant=41603508535389

Foil was a free promo item.

@FranDropik added, thank you for reporting.

The two images of the backcover share the same barcode. Do you happen to know to which this belongs?

@CLZ_Rowdy ahh - good catch. I don’t actually, I’ll make a note to check when they arrive.

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