[Added] X-Men / Spider-Man #3 (Recalled Variant)

This is the recalled variant that was misprinted with the cover for X-Men Manifest Destiny.

Attached front cover, back cover, and title page with copyright.

@fletchergary added, thank you for reporting.

Is that already listed in the Manifest Destiny series?

I do agree that the X-Men / Spider-Man series is probably a better home…

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@Reinharc totally missed that one. I’ve been staring at comic covers for too long today I guess… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The Corrected Copy (#5B) in your screenshot above would be the correct one for that particular series, am I correct?

I would think so. I’m inclined to think that there should be just one entry for Manifest Destiny #5 – the corrected edition. Then the X-Men Spider-Man series should have the error edition. Indexing based on the CONTENT and not the COVER makes more sense to me.

I agree. Always the content - the cover is just a variant.

Corrected, thank you for reporting.